Health Information

  • The SA国际传媒 County School Health Services Program is under the direction of Dr. Wendy Miller, Superintendent of SA国际传媒 County Schools, Dr. Gregory Monroe, Director of Student Support Services, and Luanne Mack, Director of Health Services.  

    Vision Statement

    SA国际传媒 County Schools Health Services Program will enhance the educational process by removing health barriers to teaching and learning, as well as, promoting healthy lifestyles.

    Mission Statement

    Through commitment, teamwork, and excellence the SA国际传媒 County Health Services Program will help each person achieve and maintain optimum health.


    • Provide age-appropriate and culturally and ethnically sensitive care
    • Maintaining a safe environment
    • Educating parents, staff and students about healthy practices and treatment modalities
    • Coordinating care across settings and among caregivers
    • Managing information
    • Communicating effectively
    • Utilizing technology


    Spanish Health Information Letter