• SA国际传媒al Programming, Supports, SA国际传媒 Wide PBIS


    On behalf of the Caln Teachers and Staff, I welcome you to an exciting new school year! We have been working hard to bring you many new ideas and ways of being that we call the Caln Experience. The Caln Experience requires all of us to demonstrate Confidence, Compassion and Courage All Day, Every Day. Our goal as a Caln Community Is to provide an environment where all students have an opportunity to learn and achieve in extraordinary ways. The Caln Experience will prepare your student for success in school and in life. Our desire is for all of our students to achieve their dreams and accomplish their goals.



    SA国际传媒al Programming

    Academic Instruction

    With the rigorous academic instruction and our multi-tiered system of support, we have been making great progress at Caln Elementary and appreciate your support in ensuring our students have an outstanding educational experience.  Our teachers receive professional development and training regarding our curriculum and implement instruction utilizing best instructional practices.  The curriculum, programs, and assessments our teachers follow and implement are:


    Math Programs and Resources:

    Every Day Mathematics

    Number Worlds


    Math K-12 Parent Resources


    ELA Programs and Resources:

    Word's Their Way

    Units of Study Reading

    Units of Study Writing

    Units of Study Phonics

    Leveled Literacy Intervention

    95 Percent Group



    Sound Sensible


    ELA K-12 Parent Resources


    Science Programs and Resources:

    Project Lead The Way

    Mystery Science



    Data Collection and Assessment Tools:

    Developmental Reading Assessment

    Concepts about Print

    Phonological Awareness

    Word Identification Assessment

    Word's Their Way Spelling Inventory

    Running Records

    Acadience ELA

    Acadience Math

    Every Day Mathematics Assessments


    Pilot Programs for 21-22 SA国际传媒 Year:


    Open Court


    Literacy Family Engagement Activities and Information


    Social Emotional Instruction:


    Social Skills small group instruction with Guidance or Mental Health Therapist



    SA国际传媒al Supports


    Special SA国际传媒 Programs and Supports

     Learning Support

    Emotional Support K-2

    Emotional Support 3-5

    VBMapping K-2

    VBMapping 3-5

    Early Intervention Speech

    Mental Health Therapist

    Behavior Support Team: Behavior Support Analyst, Registered Behavior Technician

    Co-Teaching Support

    Pull-out Instruction Support


    English as a  Second Language Supports

    Co-Teaching ESL Support

    Pull-out Instruction ESL Support


    Title I Supports

    Reading Specialist 

    Title I Information and Resources


    SA国际传媒 wide Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports





    At Caln, we also implement SA国际传媒 Wide Positive Behavior Intervention and Supports (PBIS). SA国际传媒 Wide Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports is a system of tools and strategies for defining, teaching, acknowledging appropriate behavior, and correcting inappropriate behavior. The focus of SW-PBIS is to be a preventative program which will shift the focus from negative behaviors to positive expectations and behaviors. 


    A team from Caln Elementary SA国际传媒 began the process of creating our Positive Behavior Support Plan and behavioral expectations during the Spring of 2019.  These supports include defined behavioral expectations, lessons to teach the expectations to students, an acknowledgement system for appropriate behaviors, and support and interventions for students that may be having difficulties within the educational setting.


    With the implementation, staff and school teams meet to evaluate the implementation data to determine areas of need, areas of strength, or to focus on and develop a strategic plan to target specific behaviors which may require additional instruction or support.


    The four main elements in SW-PBIS Include:

    1. Supporting social competence and Academic Achievement

    2. Supporting Decision Making

    3. Supporting Student Behavior

    4. Supporting Staff Behavior


    The PBIS Team and Staff at Caln Elementary SA国际传媒 will support positive behavior to maximize academic achievement for all students and acknowledge appropriate behavior and behavioral expectations. We want to ensure that we create a positive experience for all students and provide them opportunities to learn from appropriate behaviors, rather than punitively assign consequences for negative behaviors. We want to ensure we are structuring our day to ensure success of students. We want to Teach expectations. We want to observe students by circulating and scanning the environment. We want to ensure we have positive interactions with students. We want to ensure we correct misbehavior and allow for students to practice the appropriate behavioral expectations.


    Behavioral Expectations Through PBIS

    Caln Elementary SA国际传媒 has three behavioral expectations for all students:

    • Be Responsible
    • Be Respectful
    • Be Safe


    Caln PBIS SA国际传媒 wide Behavioral Matrix


    We are building new routines and memories at Caln and ask for your support and help in our efforts. Please ask you student about ways they can live the Caln Experience at home and in the Community. Finally, your involvement in the Caln Community is important to our students’ success. Please join the PTA, participate in Back-to-SA国际传媒 Night, attend parent/teacher conferences, applaud during student performances and be proud of your student’s accomplishments, small or large. The entire Caln Community is dedicated to the success of all of our students!



    Caln Elementary is a Community Where We Demonstrate Confidence, Compassion and Courage All Day, Every Day!