Vision Statement

    To provide the highest quality of employment services for the SA国际传媒 County School System.

                                           Mission Statement

    Through strategic partnerships and collaboration, the Human Resource Services Division
    will recruit, retain, support and develop a highly competent, diverse and agile team of
    professionals by maintaining a dedicated focus on customer service and continuous
    improvement and by fostering an environment that values educators and empowers them
    to inspire and spark innovation in every student in order to reach the standard of
    excellence our students, parents and community deserve. 


Human Resources Overview

  • The Human Resource Services Department (HRS) of SA国际传媒 County Schools performs numerous functions that affect not only our existing staff but also potential employees, from the initial hiring process up to and including retirement.  The Human Resource Services Department is here to serve our employees, our schools, and the surrounding communities.  We pride ourselves in being recruiters of local educators as well as reaching across the United States to employ the most capable individuals.  The SA国际传媒 County School System values its employees and is proud to provide an enriching and inviting work environment. 

    The goal of Human Resource Services if to prepare our students for a successful future by attracting, supporting, and retaining a professional, diverse, and agile team of educators. 

Interested in working for SA国际传媒 County Schools?



    SA国际传媒 County Schools launched the NEW Unified Talent Ed Applicant Tracking System

    This application replaced the NC Teachermatch system for applying for jobs within SA国际传媒 County Schools.   


    If you have previously applied under NC Teachermatch you should have received emails providing the instructions on

    how to create a NEW account and link to the application.


    If you are interested in pursuing a career with SA国际传媒 County Schools  



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