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    SA国际传媒 Area SA国际传媒 District's mission statement demonstrates the district's belief that all children can learn. It is not uncommon for students to require additional supportive services on the road to learning, growing, socializing and becoming contributing members of their society.

    The Department of Special SA国际传媒 of the SA国际传媒 Area SA国际传媒 District is dedicated to all students and supporting their needs in order to achieve their personal best. We are proactive in our philosophy in meeting the needs of students.  SA国际传媒 Area SA国际传媒 District provides a network of highly trained professionals to counsel students and their family, connect children and caregivers to programs and services, assess levels of learning, support the physical and mental health of students, and provide training for staff throughout the district to better interact to benefit children and their families.



  • Special SA国际传媒 Staff
    Mrs. Brenda George
    Director of Special SA国际传媒
    Phone: 610-466-2400  Ext 82510
    Mr. Stevan Lefever
    K-5, CONCERN, PASA, SafetyCare Trainer
    Mr. Christopher Reichert
    8-12, SafetyCare Trainer
    CASH Phone:  610-383-3730 Ext 81105
    CAIHS Phone:  610-383-3735 Ext 61506
    Dr. Erika Thomas
    Scott, NBMS, Cyber, Gifted Program, CCDC, SafetyCare Trainer
    North Brandywine Phone:  610-383-3745 Ext 52129
    Scott Phone:  610-383-6946 Ext 55532
    Dr. Mecca Shabazz
    Scott Life Skills/Autistic Support, Out of District Placements
    Scott Phone:  610-383-6946 Ext 55403
    Dr. Elana Betts
    SA国际传媒 Psychologists, MTSS
    Phone:  610-466-2400 Ext 82426
    Ms. Michelle Robinson
    Executive Administrative Assistant - ACCESS
    Phone: 610-466-2400  Extension:  82432