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Jaime Fravor is our Teacher of the Year.  Congratulations Mrs. Fravor!
  • Enjoy this slideshow of pictures from Kindergarten. You'll see pictures of field trips, 100th day celebrations, curriculum nights, fine dining, and more.

  • In March, second grade students attended a field trip to Simply Natural Creamery in Ayden, NC. Students went on a wagon ride to see the various parts of a working dairy farm, learned the processes for milk production and distribution, and had the opportunity to see the cow's life cycle up close as they spent time petting baby cows and observing teenage and adult cows. 


  •  5th Grade Sound to Sea Trip

       On our recent field trip to Sound to Sea in Salters Path we learned about the ecosystems that thrive between the sea (Atlantic Ocean) and the Sound.  One of the specific lessons was about sea turtles, how they come onshore and lay their eggs, how they are affected by fishermen’s nets, and how we can help create a safer space for them.  To show students how hard it was for the sea turtle to come up on the beach to lay their eggs, students crawled on their bellies on the beach.  Another activity showed how a sea turtle can’t use their flippers to remove nets that are twisted around them because they don’t have thumbs. They did this by wearing oven mitts while trying to remove a net from a sea turtle stuffed animal.      When talking about things that have been created to help sea turtles, students saw and climbed through a net that has a device that helps save sea turtles from being caught in fishermen’s nets.  
       Next, we learned about birds.  We learned about the Wright brothers and their invention and did activities showing students where the Wright brothers got their ideas . . . which is from birds.  Students learned about all the adaptations that owls and birds of prey have by putting on a person sized example of that adaptation, ie. goggles like an owl’s eyes, winds like an owl and like a hawk, etc.  Students used strainers and tweezers to learn how wild birds get their prey.  At the end of our visit we met one of the resident owls and the resident hawk, both of whom were rescued after run-ins with cars.  They sustained injuries that did not allow them to be released back in the wild.  
       The day zoomed by but lots of information was learned and it reinforced many of our science lessons at school.

Third graders have had some fun experimenting with teamwork and creativity. We recently tackled the problem of “Saving Fred” the poor gummy worm. The kids had to work in teams to get Fred into his life preserver and back into his boat. The kids had to communicate with their teammates and engineer tools to help save Fred. After many trials and adjustments, all of our teams successfully saved Fred! This was a great opportunity for our students to practice patience, cooperation, communication, and perseverance! (See the photos in the gallery below.)

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